For rooms with a volume of 7.000 m³

Suitable for:

Suitable for: railway stations, airports*

Find out more in the following technical data.


There is the option of using several Disinfectors for one room at the same time.

technical data Normal operation
rated voltage
3~380-480V/50Hz /60Hz
air output soft
12.000 m³/h /45 dB /10 m
air output normal
14.000 m³/h /50 dB /10 m
Hydroxyl power
7 x 36 Watt
UVC power
28 x 95 = 2.660 Watt
room size
ca. 7.000 m³
power consumption
12,5 A
dimension (LxWxH)
125 x 125 x 530 cm
1.000 kg
technical data Power Time
duration Power Time
60 minutes
air output Power Time
18.000 m³/h
noise at 10m distance
65 dB
OZONE Performance Power Time
28 x 15 = 420 g/h

Power Time:
In normal operation, the DISINFECTOR runs regulated.
At the push of the button Power Time, it is possible to use the full power of the ozone generators and the blower for one hour. The air and objects in the room are largely disinfected. The ozone is no longer perceptible after two hours because it has turned back into air from which it was also produced.


A brochure showing the use of the DISINFECTORS.

The program includes 6 models for different room sizes and types.

DISINFECTORS are offered up to a room volume of 7,000 m³.

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