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Small particles in the air, so-called aerosols, are the main transmission route for the coronavirus. Protect yourself and your rooms effectively with DISINFECTOR!*

* Suitable for rooms with an air volume of 1,000m³ or more such as supermarkets, exhibition halls or airports.

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The problem: Corona viruses in the air

The solution: DISINFECTOR air purifier

DISINFECTOR is a highly effective air disinfection system that ensures virus-free air in large rooms such as supermarkets, restaurants and assembly rooms in precisely coordinated steps.


The air is cleaned with filters.


The air is sterilized with UVC rays.


The air is lastingly freed of viruses, bacteria & Co. with hydroxyl radicals.


The air is neutralized with the help of negatively charged ions.

Without chemistry -

With space technology

While conventional air filters usually only work with Hepa filters and UVC, we use the hydroxyl technology in the DISINFECTOR. This revolutionary process was only recently developed by NASA to sterilize the international space station.

Hydroxyl radicals consist of one hydrogen and one oxygen atom and have a single unpaired electron – this makes them particularly reactive. By that the hydroxyl radicals eliminates harmful substances such as viruses, bacteria, allergens and mold spores. Hydroxyl radicals also occur in the atmosphere where they dismantle trace gases. That ist he reason why they are also called “detergent of the atmosphere”.

The cleaning disinfecting power is at least as strong as with ozone, but with the advantage that it does not smell and is not harmful to health. The hydroxyl radicals have a short half-life and, after their “cleaning work”, transform themselves back into what they came from: pure air.

Schnittzeichnung DISINFECTOR Typ D-60
Sectional drawing DISINFECTOR type D-60
applied space technology

The Disinfector cleans the air in the 4 steps described: with filters, UVC rays, hydroxyl radicals and negatively charged ions.

All adjacent layers of air and blown objects such as furniture, goods, etc. are also disinfected.

In this time-limited process no living beings may be in the room during the cleaning.

The right protection for every room

DISINFECTOR air purifiers are available in different sizes:

For rooms with an air volume of 1,000 m³ to 7,000 m³. We offer the right device for every requirement and guarantee an optimal air exchange rate.


The result: pure air for you, your customers, guests and employees!

Air purifier - the recommendation of the experts

It is not only the large-scale study by the Munich Federal Armed Forces University that shows air purifiers to be effective corona protection. Other well-known experts also see certain devices as an opportunity to keep interiors virus-free over the long term.

Therefore, trust the experts when choosing an air purifier – the experts from Frigoquip with the patented DISINFECTOR!

Thanks to the FRIGOQUIP Air Purifier, I can finally concentrate on work again and no longer have to worry about my customers and employees!

Convince yourself - with the Petri Dish test!

Petrieschalen Test

Do you want visible proof of the effectiveness and efficiency of the DISINFECTOR? Try it out with the Petri Dish Test!

With every DISINFECTOR we deliver a set of Petri dishes and an incubator.

Petri dishes are used in medicine, biology and chemistry for the cultivation of cell cultures. They contain a gel-like nutrient medium that serves as the basis of life for microorganisms.

These Petri dishes can be used to measure the germ load in the air by placing the dish in the relevant room without a lid. Then the bowl with the lid is placed in the incubator.

The fewer germ colonies that can be seen on the nutrient medium after the corresponding time, the cleaner the air.

Take the test and see for yourself how thoroughly the DISINFECTOR cleans your room air of viruses, germs & Co.!



A brochure showing the use of the DISINFECTORS.

The program includes 6 models for different room sizes and types.

DISINFECTORS are offered up to a room volume of 7,000 m³.

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